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Snowflakes and serenity

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It’s the last working day for a lot of people today. It’s been a tough old year for many but I’m counting my blessings and taking stock of a lot of lovely experiences in 2020.

Despite pretty much all my exhibitions being cancelled, Tamsin Stuart Art has had a good year, the highlight being selling my big showpiece Burst at the end of a totally fab week-long show at Dove Gallery, while virtual exhibitions and markets have allowed me to show my stuff to new audiences.

Have now created over 100 paintings since I set up Tamsin Stuart Art nearly three years ago and have been lucky enough to have been involved in a number of positives experiences.

The Portraits for NHS Heroes initiative helped me focus my attention and feel like I could do something useful for frontliners at a time when lockdown took a sideswipe at my serenity.

Being moved to use my art to express thanks to police dog Stark and those who work selflessly for others has given me a sense of purpose and peace.

Was also delighted to be asked to talk to Year 6s about my creative process as they got ready to embark on their own paintings and to help make snowflakes for a community project at a care home to spread Christmas cheer.

This year has taught me there’s much more to this artist thing than just sales. The creating part is the bit I do for me because it’s part of me and how I make sense of the world.

But for me it’s also about using art as a force for good too and forging positive connections along the way.

I'm still managing to move forward, grow, learn and have fun in my own way despite these disorientating times. So thank you for whatever part you have played (or are playing) in this girl’s art adventure as it takes its twists and turns. Wishing you peace, love, health, happiness and positivity this Christmas and beyond.

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