Paint! Punch! Positivity!

Find beauty and benefit in everything and revel in the simplicity and colour of things

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

There's so much to love about this life. It's beautiful and a blessing.

We can choose whether to let the worst of the world shape us or to seek out the best of it.

My choice is to find beauty and benefit in everything and revel in the simplicity and colour of things. And that is why you will find no negativity here.

Don't really know what this blog is going to be about other than my passion for painting, kickboxing and being a positive role model to my children.

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Thought I might share a little insight into how I created my Self Portrait 2020.

A lot of my paintings start off with basic tonal contrast to get an idea of shape, form and light. Dark, light and mid tones, usually created with raw umber, titanium white and process black.

The colour only comes once the tones are mapped out. I don't use grids or frames or tracing or any other method to draw out the image on the canvas first as I am not striving for an exact replica.

I'm hoping it will be different, hopefully better, than the reference image because I want it to have my own unique style and interpretation on it. So I lay it out by sight alone.

I guess it's a longer process this way as the shapes are constantly being altered but I feel it gives me more scope and flexibility if I'm not working within drawn-out lines. Then gradually I add colour and definition.

But I approach each painting differently. What I do with one, I won't with another. What works with one might not suit the next.

Someone asked me if I could recommend a good reference book for acrylic painting but I honestly couldn't. Not because there aren't many out there I'm sure, but because I make up what I do as I go along based on instinct and what I like the look of.

There are tons of free tutorials online that can help you with the basics, a particular technique or how to approach a particular subject. And I dip into some by the artists I like occasionally. But I like experimenting, learning as I go and finding stuff out for myself, usually the hard way!

A lengthier, probably more frustrating, approach than having a clear, defined, sleek process but one I am quite at home with.

For me, it has to be instinctive and that's not something you can get from a book. In fact, I often purposefully try to avoid such direction as I don't want to paint like someone else, I want to paint like me. I don't want perfection, I just want to express myself adequately.

I've gone through most of my life feeling like I'm winging it. At life, at journalism, at motherhood, at gardening, at cooking, at martial arts, at pretty much everything I do. That impostor syndrome where you never truly believe you know enough or are good enough to be doing what you're doing, and that if people found out about the real you, your cover would be blown.

But I think most people do. I like winging it. And it's the only way I know.

We find ourselves in strange times. Not sure I have the words to do justice to any of it.

But I have kept this blog going for a while now (although not as regularly as I'd hoped) so will try to keep some momentum alive, as life as we know it goes on hold.

With coronavirus rampant, I know you have more pressing things to be thinking about, reading about, and spending your time on right now. To be fair, doubt this will even get a looking. But if I can provide a single moment of relief and escape from the worries of the real world in any way possible I will press on.

Might as well say my piece regardless because I do honestly believe art can be a way of regaining a sense of control and offering a form of expression and respite which could be a welcome companion through the madness.

As we all wage our own personal battles to stay happy and healthy whatever way we can, there's so much talk about what we should or shouldn't be doing for the best. Eating well, exercising, looking after our kids, helping others, keeping our brains and bodies busy, sharing our hopes and fears. Obviously all so very vital.

But amidst all the practicalities please don't forget to feed your soul with art in any shape or form you find it.

There are updates I could share with you about what I've been up to art-wise but now doesn't feel the right time, so suffice to say all exhibiting is off but the creating carries on. And so I will continue to share my paintings online in a bid to brighten up your day.

My survival strategy? Paint, punch and positivity of course!

Acrylic and oil paintings and prints on request


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