Updated: Mar 17, 2018

There's so much to love about this life. It's beautiful and a blessing.

We can choose whether to let the worst of the world shape us or to seek out the best of it.

My choice is to find beauty and benefit in everything and revel in the simplicity and colour of things. And that is why you will find no negativity here.

Don't really know what this blog is going to be about other than my passion for painting, kickboxing and being a positive role model to my children.

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Despite everything Covid has continued to throw at us this year, I'm pretty chuffed with my 2021. Have produced at ton of new work, including Glare above, dabbled in a bit of art mentoring, ventured into the world of image licensing, forged some fab collaborations, extended my card, print and merch range, made even more lovely art friends, taken part in numerous successful exhibitions, sold an original just two hours after finishing it...again...raised charitable funds for some awesome causes, attended the first ever Christmas Artisan Market at Pittville Pump Room, and discovered a love of painting I never knew I had.

Only one negative for me really, and that was getting Covid and not being well enough to go ahead with my Paint, Punch and Positivity exhibition at Cheltenham Martial Arts.

And while all that was going on, I managed to do what was necessary to achieve my second dan blackbelt in kickboxing and martial arts.


There's a good chance this is my last painting of 2021. It's called Awoken. Started off with an acrylic underpainting with a layer of oil detailing on top. One of my fab birthday presents this month was some Jackson's oils and it reminded me they hadn't been out for a while.

It's not a particularly Christmassy composition, but one that has been brewing in my mind for a while. Have had some awesome feedback on this one already. For some, it's dark and desperate, for others mighty and powerful. Would be interested to know what you get from it?


Ending the year on a high after helping PC Paul Hopley raise over £1.5k for the Retired West Midlands Police Dog Benevolent Fund, all in police dog Stark's honour.

The winners of the charity draw have been notified and I've been busy sending off their prizes. Thank you so much to all the kind and generous folk who got involved.


All that's left is to wish you a very merry Christmas and New Year, along with all the health and happiness for whatever the year ahead has in store.

Many thanks for every single like, follow, comment, commission and sale. The encouragement I've received spurs me on and keeps me going.

Thank you for supporting this small, independent maker.

Looking forward to lots more

art fun to come in 2022.


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This month I had a play with oil pastels for the first time. Experimented with a few fun preparatory sketches before embarking on this acrylic painting The Floor is Yours.

Love the vibrancy of the colours. Oil pastels are high in pigment so keep their intensity well but apparently they never really dry, no matter how long you leave them, so not sure how practical they will be for multimedia pieces. But fab for quick sketches and chucking around ideas and themes for now.

Started this original during a mentoring session with a budding artist about to start her art GCSE who has a flair for gymnastics. Worked away on it some more the next day, accentuating the movement and swooshiness, and within a few hours it had already sold to a lovely collector.

Was a pleasure to create in the company of fresh, young talent and always a boost when my stuff gets snapped up so quickly.


Best get thinking about the next exhibition soon. I'm returning to the wonderful Dove Gallery in Winchcombe with Clare Gadsby for the first week in October.

Our show coincides with Cheltenham Open Studios, so hopefully there will be lots of art lovers out and about who will pay us a visit on their travels.

More to come on that nearer the time, but there could well be some kind of Sudeley Castle creation in the offing if I get inspired enough between now and then!

Junction 12 Art Group members are featuring at the High Street pop-up gallery over three weeks, including one of our newest members Debbie Smith, who brings fused glass to the variety our little collective has to offer.

That's the great thing about pop-ups and collectives - there's always something different to draw you in.


The original painting maybe grazing in pastures new, but my characterful cow Natalie has taken on new life, as a mug and a cushion.

A sight to make you smile as you sup your morning brew or a happy hug to snuggle up to on the sofa.

A couple of other new designs have also been added to my merchandise range, including Apollo and Quench cushions and a Ready For Take Off mug.


A coupe of new landscapes to show you too.

Created Atop Three Cliffs and Deeper Into Three Cliffs at the same time as I wanted them to complement each other.

Dusted off the cold wax and oils for these, although they both had acrylic underpainting to get them started before the layers went on.

Texture and tactility in abundance. Used palette knives, cotton buds, sponges, rags, fingers and even the occasional paintbrush!

This pair definitely need to be seen in person to get a proper sense of their colour and texture.


Don't you just love the memories that pop up on Facebook? It was all go at Tamsin Stuart Art HQ this time last year too.

My Little Dipper original completed its journey to the other side of the world for a birthday surprise in South Australia.

Scruffy the cat's hard stare was immortalised on canvas for ever more, putting a smile on his owner's face for another special occasion, on UK soil.

And my feisty kickboxer Don't Mess came into being, selling in just two hours I think it was.

So many fantastic highs for me. Moments spent reflecting, remembering and taking stock of achievements are never wasted.


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