Acrylic on box canvas

90cm x 60cm

November 2019

Here's Blue. He's a proper poser as any chance he gets he's admiring himself in the mirror. And he's thought to be a Welsh section D, known for their prancing and with a nickname of fire-breathing dragon! So he's a cheeky wee blighter too.

But pleased to say he behaved impeccably for me.

Client's comment: 'Oh wow!!! That's cracking! You've caught Blue's expression so well. I absolutely love it.'


Framed acrylic on canvas panel

35.5cm x 28cm

November 2019

An unusual request and certainly not a subject I've tried before. But just to show I'm more than happy to accommodate all requests if I can.

The composition came from a favourite picture for setting and style along with a sketch I did of an angel brought together in close consultation with the client for her husband's birthday present.

Client's comment: 'It's beautiful Tamsin'

Callie and Co

Acrylic on stretched canvas

40cm x 30cm

November 2019

Here's a family's beloved pets, past and present, brought together for the first time in a group portrait for a Christmas present. A truly treasured gang, Poppy, Casper, Callie and Rubble, who I now feel I know, having studied them so intently.

Some of the reference photos were quite old and not as detailed as I would like but I do love a challenge.

Client's comment: ''OMG, that's beautiful. I have tears in my eyes. It's amazing. They will love it. Seriously, I could cry.'


Acrylic on stretched canvas

40cm x 30cm

October 2019

Meet Bertie, a very cute border terrier who was a total dream to paint.

Created from one of his owner's favourite photos of him, he made the perfect surprise birthday present for her husband.

It's not easy finding something different to buy a special someone year after year.

But I'm reliably informed the birthday boy loved this original pet portrait.

Client's comment: 'It's amazing'


Acrylic on stretched canvas

40cm x 30cm

September 2019

Took the dog for a stroll and came back with a commission to paint this pooch.

Painted Sidney from a photo I took of him in the park.

A friendly, if somewhat yappy, old chap who is good at keeping our young pup in her place when she gets too playful and bouncy.

His owner didn't specify any particular colour scheme but when I delivered it to her home we found the perfect place for it and the blues and greens were just the job.

A Dip

Acrylic on canvas panel

25cm x 20cm

July 2019

Was moved to gift this commission. It now belongs to a brave lady who is going through the toughest of times and needs some joy in her life. I'm in awe of her fighting spirit and it's important to me she has something she loves to look at.

Client's comment: 'OMG it's beautiful. I'm so touched. I will love it forever. I can't stop looking at it. '


Acrylic on stretched canvas

25cm x 20cm

May 2019

On a roll with horses at the moment.

This is Alvin. A surprise birthday present to put a smile on the face of the young girl who rides this fine chap.

Client's comment: 'I love it. It's amazing. You are so talented. Thank you. She will be so pleased.'


Acrylic on stretched canvas

50cm x 40cm

May 2019

A tough call but got there in the end. This was a blend of a fuzzy Facebook photo for composition and a number of images of the boy Oscar and his dog Boris for likeness.

A smidge of artistic licence needed with this 40th birthday present for Oscar's dad, commissioned by his sister.

It challenged me to dig that bit deeper too.

Client's comment: 'The painting captured a typical moment between boy and dog, and my brother was very impressed. Thanks Tamsin. It looks great on their wall.'


Acrylic on box canvas

90cm x 60cm

March 2019

The late Maverick was an absolute dream of a horse, I'm told, as well as a striking beast.

A treasured companion immortalised on canvas and now hanging on the client's high walls in Glasgow.

Client's comment: 'Oh wow! I love it! I love how you've done his colour rather than him being a flat orange. He used to change colour in the seasons. The colour is perfect.

You've got his expression too. He was nice-natured.'

The Chase

Acrylic on stretched canvas

80cm x 60cm

March 2019

Finished this commission in March but the birthday boy wanted to save it till his big day in June.

A nail-bitingly long time wait for the verdict but thankfully he liked it.

Features his three favourite racehorses, Castoret, Denman and Rooster Booster.

Client's comment: 'My fovourite bit is Castoret. Brilliant job."

Chris and Chris

Acrylic on box canvas

40cm x 40cm

January 2019

A surprise present to capture a joyful outing for this cycling duo.

Yes, the bike is supposed to be that small. It's a little electric tandem.

Client's comment: 'Very happy with the results of my commissioned artwork. Tamsin has created a lasting memory from a snapshot of a fun day in the summer sun that will brighten our winter wall space.

Love the portfolio and just wish we had room for a wonderful bird study as displayed here. Hope the wider public are able to appreciate this clever artistry too. Well done Tamsin.'


Acrylic on box canvas

45cm x 35cm

March 2018

Love that moment of impact in any physical activity. Never been a golfer myself but can still appreciate the satisfaction of a solid strike.

This one was for a very dedicated golfer indeed. Three times a week minimum. Happy birthday!

Client's comment: 'Delighted with the painting. It's exactly what I was looking for as a special birthday present. You capture the atmosphere of the subject matter so well. A very successful commission. Many thanks.'


Acrylic on box canvas

60cm x 50cm

March 2018

Continuing my recent run of bike-themed paintings, this was a birthday present for the action man in the saddle.

Another fab reference photo to work from.

As gifts go, you can't get much more personalised than that.

Client's comment: 'I love the colours and the movement. I love the way your eye gets drawn to the biker, my husband. It's awesome and will have pride of place in our front room.'



Acrylic on box canvas

60cm x 50cm

February 2018

The client provided a great photo to work from.

Apart from my self-portrait, which was an experiment inspired by a trip to Edinburgh's National Portrait Gallery, this was my first proper go at faces.

Love a challenge. Always learning.

Client's comment: 'Thank you Tamsin. You've captured the exuberance of my kids perfectly. I love it.'

Ride It

Acrylic on box canvas

45cm x 35cm

January 2018

My first ever commission. Will be for ever grateful to the wonderful client who took a complete leap of faith in trusting me to do this and believed in me totally.

Acrylic paintings and prints on request

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