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Glowing in the dark

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

So that's my Paint! Punch! Positivity! 2020 exhibition off I'm afraid.

But to be honest, it was always on the cards.

As winter pressures loom, doing all we can to get this virus under control takes priority over everything. There's so many people suffering such awful hardship at the hands of this thing. Keeping our nearest and dearest safe comes first every time.

Painting, punching and positivity will get me through this next lockdown, same as the last.

Hope you have some faithful fundamentals to rely on too to see you through this next wave.

My exhibition may or may not be rescheduled before the end of the year but if the last lockdown is anything to go by, probably not. But, just like before, the creating will continue.

You know where I am if you need Christmas gifts and cards. Have lots of stock and can sort delivery.

Life is too short, too uncertain and too fragile. That is something coronavirus has brought to the forefront. And it makes me even more grateful than ever that I can count on my art to stay by my side throughout it all to help me make sense of, and feel a deeper connection with, the world around me, however unnerving and challenging it may be.

So the exciting unveiling of my big showpiece Quench was instead a rather understated affair. But creating it gave me the sense of purpose and focus that makes me feel alive. And the bright blues and warm glow of my European Roller will brighten my days to come until his true time in the sun.

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