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Fight for your life

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

You might have noticed a lot of my paintings have an active theme about them. Kickboxing, biking, swimming. Have just finished a golfing commission.

I love that point of impact, the movement involved in a physical activity. I also love being active.

But I don't kickbox for the benefits to my body, much more for its effects on my mind and mental health.

Coming from a cycling background, I got into running in my 20s and have become hooked on kickboxing and martial arts in my later years. The fitness passion may have changed over time but the common factor throughout is that, for me, fitness is like eating, sleeping and breathing.

It is not something I do because I feel I should, but because I know I must, to stay balanced and happy. It is one of my basic requirements to function. For my wellbeing, it is where I have always turned in good times and bad.

Dealing with stress, clearing my head and helping me think, making me feel alive, boosting my sense of self, and giving me the confidence and drive to attack the challenge. Of course, it makes me fit and strong too, but that is almost just a wonderful side effect.

If I don't set aside time for my fitness, I notice straightaway. I get lethargic, ratty, frustrated, unmotivated and start comfort eating. Some people are willing to exist like this permanently but if I want to make the best of every day and operate at my optimum level, kickboxing and running are as fundamental to my existence as the air I breathe.

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