It's newsletter time again, already. Will try to keep it brief as I'm supposed to be busy getting ready for the next exhibition. Above is my latest creation, called Your Majesty. I'm back at Dove Gallery in Winchcombe next week so thought it would be a good chance to have a go at Sudeley Castle. This painting started with quite a reductive approach. I did a dark colour ground and then mapped out the shapes by lifting off the paint. It wasn't an intentional decision, but I never know quite how I'm going to approach a piece until I sit down and get stuck in. And that's just the way it went. Think it gave it a bit of a ghostly feel, certainly in its early stages. Myself and fine art photographer Clare Gadsby are taking over Dove from October 1-6. Hopefully you can make it. We're open daily, 10am-5pm, and I'll be there stewarding on the Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You can read all about it in this week's edition of the Gloucestershire Echo. Being an ex-journo does have its strong points! Thank you so much to the fab team at the Echo for supporting local art.


If you're going to visit the new heritage trail at Cheltenham's Pittville Pump Room, don't forget to try out the Regency selfie board.

It was created from a Tamsin Stuart Art original. Hats off to The Cheltenham Trust for coming up with a way of making our town's history such fun. It's proving a hit already, bringing plenty of smiles to plenty of faces.

Below is the commissioned piece Promenading Picnic in all its glory. In case you're wondering who the chap on the left is, it's Joseph Pitt himself.


And just to let you know, I survived the 2nd dan blackbelt grading last weekend.

After sweating it out for five and a half hours in the dojo, the instructors are now making us sweat some more while we wait to hear if we've passed or not.

Whatever the result, me and my boy did all we could and approached it with a positive attitude.

And after that ordeal, it was a most welcome relief to return to my paintbrushes while I recovered from the mental and physical demands of it all.

And, of course, I was back at the very next training session to put my poor old, achy bones through a bit more!


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