So this isn't a happy scene. It's total desperation I would say. So why would this painting, called Deliverance, make me smile? Because it was totally spontaneous and means something to me. My son asked me to sketch a WW1 soldier in mud with a rifle. I did. And it created a connection for me. I felt even more compelled to pursue the idea after learning that my great grandfather went off to that war. And came back. Apparently he brought back a piece of clothing with a bullet hole straight through it too. We are a military family, so Remembrance Day has always had a particular poignancy for us. But I think this year will have even more significance. Everything I create comes from the heart. And this creation is dedicated to all the brave men and women who serve their country, military or otherwise. Those who go to hell and back for the greater good. Those who have the strength to do the things we never could. Always in my prayers, not just on one day in November.


Hopefully you recognise this celeb. I commissioned myself to come up with a wedding present for a Madonna-mad couple. They are dear friends and it was absolutely a day to treasure, topped off by the fact that they were both 'blown away' by my offering, Always In Vogue.

It's acrylic on a 40cm x 40cm linen canvas and my first attempt at capturing a famous face. Whether the life-size cut-out of said diva at the reception approved is another matter!


We had a blast at Dove Galley this year. Thank you so much to everyone who paid us a visit and made it such fun.

Was even more successful than 2020 I'm pleased to say.

Already looking forward to next year, when I'll be teaming up with fellow Junction 12 Art Group members Clare Gadsby and Trudi Hayden.


There are two more art dates left in my diary for 2021, but bearing in mind the Stuart household currently has two young Covid patients in residence, I'm keeping an open mind about whether they will actually go ahead. Cheltenham is currently experiencing quite a spike and I, for one, am not going anywhere anytime soon. So I'm figuring art lovers will be staying put too. But, all being well, Paint, Punch and Positivity with special guest Natalie Bowden will go

ahead at Cheltenham Martial Arts on November 20 & 21. That will be followed by the first ever Artisan Market and Christmas lights switch-on event at Pittville Pump Room on November 25, followed by December 5-7. I'm feeling positive, because that's what I do, so can't wait to welcome you to a festive Tamsin Stuart Art stand full of festive cheer in a beautiful Pittville Park setting.


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