This little fruity number, called Raspberries, kicked off November nicely for me. Sold within a couple of hours of finishing it. Such a buzz when that happens.

Did try the same composition in watercolours first off, as my daughter's school project was to have a play around with the medium. But I wasn't at all happy with the results, so had a go with my trusty chums acrylics and felt much more at home.

I will keep tinkering with watercolours but at the mo they're too temperamental and I'm too impatient to learn the proper techniques, so we're not a good combo.

Got prints made of this one and have just one left. Result!


Got my Christmas groove on at the Pittville Pump Room this week.

Massive Christmas tree, Santa, mulled wine, mince pies, carol singers, snow machines, sparkly lights, the most stunning of settings and over 25 local creatives. We certainly had it all going on.

Thank you to the lovely people who visited the first ever Artisan Market there. The main hall is perfect for it and was so fab to see it bustling with people. A regular event maybe?

And the best bit is, the market, and me, are back next week for three days.

Sunday to Tuesday (Dec 5-7) 11am-6pm.


Couple of new lines added to the Tamsin Stuart Art range this month.

Still on the Pittville Pump Room theme, these fab framed prints from Wraptious arrived just in time for the Artisan Market. Available in A4 or A3.

And look at this impressive A2 print below, created especially for a client to her personal spec, to decorate her stylish abode. Always a pleasure to sort individual requests, if I can.

My new Enough coasters have been selling too. I'm always adding products so keep checking my website. Or email me directly to make a special request. All suggestions considered.


And finally, thought it was about time for another kickboxing painting. Seeing as I'm forever making daft noises when I kickbox, like I'm some kind of action figure in a comic or something, I thought I'd call this one Kapow!

All the kickboxers I paint have long legs and long hair. I see a pattern emerging.

Wasn't able to train for a month after catching Covid from my kids and, sadly, had to cancel my annual exhibition at Cheltenham Martial Arts while I fully recovered.

But my relief at being back at it, all be it a little bit shorter of breath, is what inspired this creation.

And yes, I admit it, this is currently in our bedroom. Because the colour scheme is perfect. And because I want to enjoy it.

I have Wave (not for sale) on one wall and Kapow! (for sale) on the other now. I swapped it out with Kiai! (not for sale) - me doing a jump knee - as it's been in that spot for years and I fancied a change.

Reminds me every morning to attack the day, whether I'm in the mood or not.


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